At Redeemer School, students focus on age-appropriate expressions of one
common habit each month. Here are the habits by month for your use at home.

August: Habit of Punctuality
Observes appointed times
Finishes work in a reasonable amount of time

September: Habit of Attention
Fixes mind/body steadily on the matter at hand
Follows instructions the first time
Is motivated by a desire to know rather than emulation or popularity

October: Habit of Thinking
Traces effect to cause; cause to effect
Compares things of likeness and difference
Works independently and confidently
Participates in a dialogue of thought in conversations

November: Habit of Imagining
Delights in tales of imagination (e.g. heroic adventures, fairy tales) rather than ludicrous
Expresses self freely through diverse and various mediums
Exhibits curiosity in learning
Forms a mental picture of something not present

December: Habit of Remembering
Recalls information, facts, and knowledge
Retains knowledge from previous lessons and is able to assimilate with the lesson at hand

January: Habit of Neatness and Order
Manifests the adage “a place for everything and everything in its place”
Able to neatly and effectively organize personal belongings

February: Habit of Truthfulness
Displays carefulness in stating the truth
Ascertains the truth carefully
Avoids exaggeration and embellishments

March: Habit of Responsibility
Attends to personal belongings
Seeks help when appropriate
Accounts for his/her behavior in relationships, work, and activities

April: Habit of Courtesy
Demonstrates what he/she is ready to do for others, rather than what he/she looks for from others
Expresses kindness and respect
Readiness to apologize for discourteousness

May: Habit of Temper
Manifests good tempers (amiability, patience, humor, cheerfulness, and humility) rather than ill tempers (fretfulness, discontent, sullenness, murmuring, and impatience)
Displays strength of will by bringing himself/herself to do what he/she ought whether he/she enjoys it or not