We’re glad you are interested in a job at Redeemer School!

Our educational philosophy begins with acknowledging God’s sovereignty and that parents are the primary educators of their children. We partner with parents in training up students to love God and have an integrated worldview that allows them to live confidently in Christ.

By God’s grace, Redeemer School strives to prepare students whose hearts are submitted to Jesus, students whose minds are stimulated throughout life, and students who foster relationships between ideas and people.

Our curriculum is designed to help students develop a Christian worldview that can help them confidently engage the culture in which they live and reach out to a world in need.

It is our hope that the philosophy of education offered by Redeemer School will resonate with you as a valuable approach to teaching wisdom and knowledge to children.

Candidates interested in applying should send a resume with a cover letter describing your interest, to [email protected].

Open Positions

While there are no openings at this time for the 2022-2023 school year, we welcome your resume and your cover letter expressing interest in working at Redeemer School in the future!

“Redeemer has given our children a God-inspired lens through which to view the world. They soak in rich literature, learning about the world around them, past and present. They give careful attention to God’s creation, seeing His design in each leaf and ladybug. They engage with God’s Word, learning about God’s character and molding their own. We are so thankful for the lifelong foundation Redeemer is building.”

The Pfeiffer Family