Board of Directors

Redeemer School is guided by a board of directors. Our board of directors follows a system of leadership and oversight called policy governance. The board of directors is charged with defining the overarching objectives of the school, writing (or revising) policy/expectations for the head of school, and hiring and supervising the head of school.

2024-2025 School Board Members

  • Jeff Wolfe, President of the Board
  • John Eanes, Vice President of the Board
  • Brian Heaton, Secretary of the Board
  • Rachel Roth Aldhizer
  • Ashley Johnson
  • C. Tucker
  • Claire Waiksnoris
  • Becca Williams
  • Paul Windley

What does the Board of Directors do?

Redeemer School is guided by a board of directors elected by our moral owners—people who care about the aims and objectives of the School and are invested in helping achieve them. This includes parents, grandparents, alumni, faculty, staff, and church members, but can also include others in our community.

Our board of directors follows a policy governance model, focusing its efforts on defining and managing effective relationships between the constituents, board of directors, and chief executive of an organization.

The board of directors is responsible to:

  • Define the overarching goals and purposes of the organization (known as the Ends Statements)
  • Write and revise policy that sets both expectations and limitations for the head of school
  • Hire the head of school
  • Supervise the head of school by monitoring her/his performance
  • Communicate with moral owners about the direction of the school and receive feedback from them on the school’s performance

Unlike other systems, policy governance narrowly defines the role of board members primarily to the functions listed above. The board of directors has no role in operations and staff is allowed to accomplish their responsibilities in whatever way they see fit as long as it does not contradict policy.

Another distinctive feature of policy governance is the commitment to a unified voice. Directors pledge to debate issues fully, but once a decision has been made, there is only one message. We commit to not speaking of our own accord, but only collectively what we have decided as a group.

Board Service

New board members are elected each spring. If you are interested in serving on Redeemer School’s board of directors, please complete an inquiry form and a member of the board will contact you directly!


If you have vision or policy questions or concerns that you would like to speak with the board about, please email us.

Redeemer has given our children a God-inspired lens through which to view the world.

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