The Bless the Nations (BTN) Scholarship was established to help serve the educational needs of missionary families who are on furlough through an established missions agency and who demonstrate financial need. This scholarship provides up to 75% off of annual tuition and fees for missionary families, in order for the children of that family to attend Redeemer School. Families considered must meet regular Redeemer School enrollment qualifications which include:

  1. The prospective parents tour the school, understand and agree with the school philosophy, statement of faith, and statement on human sexuality, complete an application for enrollment, and complete a parent interview with the school.
  2. The prospective student completes a student assessment and the school determines that the child’s academic, social, emotional and spiritual needs can be adequately met by the school.
  3. Based on a successful parent interview and student assessment, enrollment is offered and commitment statements are provided to be signed.  The student is enrolled once the online enrollment packet including registration fee is submitted and paid.

Families considered must supply verification of employment from the family’s sending organization on the organization’s letterhead. Families considered must also demonstrate financial need. Financial need will be demonstrated by applying for financial aid through the FACTS Grant and Aid System online and qualifying for greater than 50% tuition assistance.

Financial need must be reapplied for each year of desired enrollment. Returning students re-applying for this scholarship will receive priority over new applicants for this scholarship.

A student receiving the BTN scholarship must continue to make relational and academic progress at Redeemer School. Decisions about ongoing enrollment will be made independent of whether the child is receiving this scholarship. A child who at any point is no longer determined to be able to remain enrolled at Redeemer School forfeits any ongoing benefit from this scholarship program.

The BTN Scholarship includes assistance for the following:

  • Tuition
  • Registration fee
  • Activity and supplies fee
  • READ tuition (not including drop-ins) 

The BTN Scholarship does not include assistance for the following:

  • Application fee
  • Lunch program
  • Athletics
  • Field trips
  • Spirit wear and other incidentals