Thank you for your interest in Redeemer School! We look forward to getting to know your family better and we want you to know us well, too. Everything you need to start your journey with Redeemer School is here. If you have any questions, contact us!

3 simple steps

Private education can be affordable

Redeemer School strives to make our high-quality education accessible to all families by keeping tuition costs low and facilitating financial aid to qualifying families.

Top Three Reasons

families Love Redeemer School

Redeemer School Admissions - Biblical Worldview

1. biblical worldview 

At Redeemer School, we believe Christ is the source of all knowledge and children created in God’s image have the capacity to engage his good creation.

2. Small Class Sizes

Students learn in a home-like environment among a small cohort of their peers.

Redeemer School Admissions - Small class sizes

3. Unique Teaching Methods

We spread a generous feast of ideas for our students, with distinctive teaching methods such as living books, integrated subjects and narration.


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