Spirit Week: The Goodness of God

We’re basking in the joy of Spirit Week—what a wonderful time to celebrate God’s Goodness to us as individuals and as a school! We celebrate and enjoy one another because God has given us this community. We celebrate our Redeemer because God made us to worship Him!

We love watching our older students lean into opportunities to lead their younger friends. We laugh as we play games and wear silly outfits for theme days. We marvel at moments of connection and recognition as we find common ground in favorite book characters, wacky tie-dye duds, and cozy PJs and stuffed animals. We chant and yell to support our Redeemer Rams!

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be at Redeemer School during Spirit Week? Get a peek here!

Because we are rooted in Christ and the knowledge of God’s word, His Goodness shapes who we are and how we see the world! It is a joy to see all the ways our students, teachers and families see God’s Goodness around them. We see His goodness in His creation, in His provision, and in our Redeemer, Jesus!

In addition to the photos of God’s Goodness submitted by our community, students met with their reading buddies to create “roots” for a very large tree in the cafeteria. Each student wrote or drew something from God’s Word that they feel roots them on a brown paper “root.” At the end of the reading buddy time, students added these roots to the tree, representing our deep roots and God’s Goodness. Those deep roots ran right down the stairwell, laden with evidence of God’s good gifts!