Parent Education Series

Registration is Open!

We are excited to host Parent Education sessions for the 2023-2024 school year! We have used your feedback to develop our topics. Also, based on your feedback, we have provided two dates and/or times for many of the most requested sessions to increase accessibility.

These are parent-only events unless otherwise noted. Light refreshments will be provided.

Middle School Parent Partnership: Study Habits and Supports

Saturday, 9.9.23 @ 10:15-11:15 am

*Registration required.

Join Middle School parents at Merriwood Christian Camp, just prior to the end of the Middle School Retreat, for fellowship and an opportunity to learn about the study skills and habits that Middle School students will learn and will benefit from parent partnership at home.

Enrichment Day (E-day) Training*

Thursday, 9.14.23 @ 10:00 am -12:pm

*This is a REQUIRED training for new families to grades K-5. Registration is not required.

If you are new to Redeemer School this school year or would like a refresher, please join us as we equip families with confidence and resources for leading E-Days in grades K-5.

Parenting from a Biblical Perspective*

Tuesday, 9.19.23 @ 10:30 am-11:45 am OR Tuesday, 9.19.23 @7:00-8:15 pm

*Registration required.

Children seek to answer their fundamental questions: Who am I? What do I
exist for? Where can I find joy? What difference can I make? They need a consistent, persuasive, biblical framework for understanding the world God has made, their identity in being made and loved by Jesus, and their place in this world. This session will share common emotional struggles of boys and girls in various developmental stages as well as practical advice, biblical support for formative instruction, and conversation starters to help our children navigate their emotions and trials through grace, hope, and truth.

Biblical Formative Instruction and Discipline

Tuesday,10.19.23 @ 7:00-8:15 pm OR Wednesday, 10.20.23 @ 9:00 am-10:30 am

*Registration required.

Instructing a child’s heart is essential to shepherding. We should impress truth on the hearts of our children, not to control or manage them, but to point them to the greatest joy and happiness that they can experience—delighting in God and the goodness of his ways. Discipline alone is not adequate instruction. All corrective interventions must focus on the good news of the gospel and corrective
discipline is understood when it is founded on effective biblical formative instruction.

Instructing a Child’s Heart, (Kindle p.6), Tripp.

This session will share insight on Biblical formative instruction as well as practical support in discipline that draws out matters of the heart and employs natural/logical consequences.

Alumni Forum: High School Selection*

Thursday, 11.2.23 @ 7:00-8:15 pm

*Registration required.

All middle school parents and students are invited to join us for a forum event with alumni parents and students from across Forsyth County high schools, both public and private. This fall forum will focus on navigating the high school selection
process, with testimonials from alumni parents and students about their own high school selection process and what their experience has been like in academics, extracurriculars, social, and spiritual areas. General information about area high schools and each school’s application process will be available at this event, as
well as through our middle school news emails.

(Note that forum on 2.28.24 at 7 pm will also be offered specifically for 8th grade students & parents, focused on class selection and the transition to high school.)

Technology Part 1*

Monday, 2.26.24 @ 1:30 pm- 2:45 pm OR Monday, 2.26.24 @7:00-8:15 pm

*Registration required.

As one of the most requested topics within our school for parent education, join us for an informational session to equip you as parents to prepare your kids to engage with technology in positive, Christ-centered ways. This session will be a repeat (as requested) of the session that was provided during the 2022-2023 school year.

Technology Part 2*

Wednesday, 3.13.24 @ 10:30 am-11:45 am OR Monday, 3.25.24 @ @7:00-8:15 pm

*Registration required.

This session will go deeper into the world of screens and technology, with a focus on
social media.