Bundibugyo Water Project

Have you heard? We’re raising money to support the Bundibugyo Water Project, a ministry of Serge. Watch the video below to learn more about the need for clean water in Bundibugyo, Uganda:

Learn more about the water project in Bundibugyo.

People in Bundibugyo walk significant distances to collect water in plastic containers from public tapstands, protected and unprotected springs, and local streams. This responsibility generally falls to women and children. Fetching water takes a significant amount of time each day, and many of the water sources are unsafe. Unsafe drinking water contributes to Bundibugyo’s high infant mortality rate and significant waterborne illnesses.

The Bundibugyo water project seeks to share Christ through sharing clean water. Improved acess to clean water will reduce infant mortality and increase the quality of life in Bundibugyo.

How you can contribute

Small donations can really add up! You have opportunities before the end of the school year:

  • Fruit sales at the Shakespeare Festival on Friday, May 5 — First and second grade boys will be selling fresh fruit at the festival. The suggested donation is $1.
  • Pence entry for the Shakespeare play on Friday, May 5 — Kindergarteners will collect a suggested one pence entry fee outside the Globe Theater entrance.
  • Raffle ticket sales for the Field Day pie-in-the-face contest — All the proceeds from raffles ticket sold for Field Day (May 19) go directly to the Water Project.