Student Relationships Foster Community

Guest blog by Redeemer School parent Sarah Beam

When we were evaluating our school options for our oldest daughter, Isabelle, there were a number of qualities about Redeemer School that drew us to it. Knowing so many of their students, we saw that they developed a lifelong love of learning. Having three children with different learning styles and interests, it was important to us that we pick a school where all three would thrive and love learning. Redeemer’s culture and Charlotte Mason approach offered this. We also wanted an environment where our children would be nurtured by teachers who would help them grow and learn, not only as students but also as children of God. We’ve been thrilled that Redeemer has lived up to our expectations in this way.

A pleasant surprise we have found along the way are the sweet relationships that have been fostered between students in different grades. Middle school students greet our elementary children at dropoff, helping them out of the car with their belongings and guiding them to the sidewalk. Kids from all grades join teams together for field day. All three of our kids have loved their reading buddies. We’ve been so happy that they could safely have time with these big kids. It’s a great way to further engage budding readers and to give them a chance to see how well they’ll be reading in a few years. Handmade notes and cards from their buddies have meant a lot to them.

These relationships benefit the older students just as much as they do the younger ones. Older students are held to a high level of responsibility in these relationships, shepherding younger students along in their learning and their faith. They build skills of leadership, confidence, and reliance on God as they grow toward a spirit of service toward others.

The kind and nurturing way that we’ve seen older students care for and reach out to younger students has been a refreshing blessing. These friendships are yet another way of strengthening our covenant community and our commitment to each other at Redeemer School, as families and kids of all ages get to know each other better. It’s a sweet extension of the church at school.

In Reading Buddies, older students come alongside younger students throughout the year for collaborative reading and creating.