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Haley Brendle

Haley Brendle

4th Grade Teacher

Master’s in Teaching, Salem College. Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology, UNC-Chapel Hill.

Why I feel called to teach at Redeemer School:

Children are a treasure to be sought after, cared for and nurtured through their learning journey and this is exactly what happens at Redeemer School. To my delight, He placed me here not just to shepherd a significant portion of His flock, but to teach me every day about Himself…a gift indeed.

3 things I love most working with the students I teach at Redeemer School:

laughing, creating, becoming

At Redeemer School, we nurture students in their relationship with Jesus Christ through… creating a safe place to simply be who they are, all the while learning about who He is through every facet of our day to day experiences in the classroom.