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School Governance

Redeemer School is governed by a school board which focuses on two main tasks. Those tasks are defining the “ends statement” of the school and supervising the Headmaster through appropriate “executive limitations”. In addition to writing policy in these two areas, the board writes policy in the areas of Board/Staff Linkage and Governance Process. The Headmaster is the board’s only employee and the Headmaster is charged with carrying out school operations in a way that fulfills the board-defined ends of the school. Policy governance requires the board to speak with one voice. This means that individual board members carry no authority to speak or act for the board except as defined by a specific board decision or policy. If you ever have any vision or policy-related concern that you would like to speak with the school board about, please contact any school board member or the school office. If you ever have any school operations concern you would like to discuss, please contact the Headmaster or the school office.