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“Ends” Statements

Our school board and Headmaster developed “Ends” Statements as a guiding document for faculty, staff, students and parents.  The goals and expectations below include both academic and spiritual student outcomes. These statements represent our vision for the preferred future of our students once they have finished their course of study at Redeemer School. 

By God’s grace, Redeemer School will prepare:

  1. Students whose hearts respond positively to the gospel and who understand themselves as children of God who bear His image.
  1. Students who can articulate the redemptive story of the Gospel from Genesis to Revelation and who embody that story in their own life.
  1. Students instilled with a passion for learning and the academic skills for the next stage of their life.
  1. Students who embody Christ-like servanthood and godly wisdom in all of life.
  1. Students who appreciate that God is the source of all wisdom, knowledge, and truth, and who understand that the goal of all their study is to know God and glorify Him.